Make the most of your college recruiting by getting all the information you and your family need to make a sound decision when selecting a college. You’re basically shopping for a place to call home for the next 4-6 years, so asking the right questions are important. Here are some question you should ask college coaches without scaring them away:


  • Based on what you know now, what are my earliest opportunities at playing my position?

  • How many athletes are you recruiting that play my position?

  • How many strong undergraduates are ready to move into the position I play?

  • Do you intend to play me at another position than what I played in high school?

  • What allowances are made for class and exam preparation?

  • Does the athletic program have an off-season schedule?

  • What is the breakdown of the staff, coaches, and their specialties and who will I be working with if I decide to commit to play for your college?

  • If I get hurt, and cannot play anymore, what provisions are available for me in order to keep my scholarship?



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