Most millennial athletes do most of their communicating with their thumbs. And that’s okay, college coaches have adapt to the new wave of communicating with today’s youth. However, that’s not how things with recruiting. Having the ability to use your mouth, ears and brain is priority when communicating with college coaches.

Yes coaches are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but social media recruiting does not exist when it comes to communicating with a student-athlete. Phone calls is one of the most important means of communication during your recruitment and knowing how to handle a phone conversation with a coach is extremely important. Therefore, you must speak and respond with respect and have fun by showing your personality.


  • Keep 3 things near the phone at all times: a notepad, your current list of college contacts (in case the coach asks, “Who else is recruiting you?”), and a list of your 4‐ 5 favorite questions to ask college coaches.

  • As with emails, if a coach leaves you a phone messages, ALWAYS reply within 24 hours.

  • Smile when you talk on the phone!

  • Relax and have fun with this.  Coaches want you to be excited, so don’t be afraid to reveal some honest emotion such as, “I’m a little nervous, Coach” or “This is really exciting, Coach… I’m glad you’re calling me.”

  • Try to elaborate your answers instead of just saying “yes, no, fine.”

  • In addition to being candid and having fun, allow yourself to also handle phone calls in a business‐like manner.  Show yes sir‐ and no sir‐level respect, and yet feel free to say, “Coach, I have some questions for you if you don’t mind.”

  • Before hanging up, always thank the coach for his/her time and ask the coach when he/she will be calling again.



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