Most millennial athletes do most of their communicating with their thumbs. And that’s okay, college coaches have adapt to the new wave of communicating with today’s youth. However, that’s not how things with recruiting. Having the ability to use your mouth, ears and brain is priority when communicating with college coaches. Yes coaches are on […]

Make the most of your college recruiting by getting all the information you and your family need to make a sound decision when selecting a college. You’re basically shopping for a place to call home for the next 4-6 years, so asking the right questions are important. Here are some question you should ask college […]

If you want to play sports at the college level (in any division) and find an athletic scholarship you will have to reach out and contact coaches using common sense. Coaches cannot call or email you until the appropriate time of the year, according to the NCAA Recruiting Bylaws. Please understand the likelihood of getting […]

The NCAA has put in place many restrictions on how colleges recruit student-athletes, and more and more coaches have turned to NCAA-approved online recruiting services to help them in their searches. This strategy allows them to eliminate the clutter associated with physical recruitment materials and to get to know all of the contenders more efficiently.  […]

Definitions — for the official NCAA definitions click the following link to read the NCAA Glossary of Terms  Contact Period — It’s permissible for authorized athletic department staff members to make in-person and off-campus recruiting contacts and evaluations. College coaches are allowed to visit recruits off–campus (at their high school or home). Coaches can make only one visit per week to individual […]